How do your Membership Agreements work?

Our agreements range from 1-hour conference room rentals to full-time desk rental Memberships. We know that month-to-month agreements can help you grow your startup or small business at the rate most comfortable to you.

Can I stop by when I’m in the area or do I need to make an appointment?

We ask that you schedule tours in advance to ensure the availability of our team, so we can focus on helping you find the best office solution possible during your visit. Schedule a visit here.

How do I pay for my membership?

We invoice you on the 1st of every month or you can pay as you go via eftpos or credit card in the cafe.

Do I have to sign a lease agreement?

No.  The Factory is Membership-based only, so no leases are required.  Members are required to sign a Membership Agreement based on the type of solution they select.

How long do companies stay at The Factory?

Our Members typically sign an initial Membership agreement, lasting from one month to over ten years. We like to be as flexible and convenient as possible to help you start and grow your business in the way that works best for you.

What are your standard hours of operation?

Our office is attended by The Factory staff, including cafe staff Monday-Friday from 8AM-3PM.  We are accessible 24/7 to both Private Office & Dedicated Desk Members.

Can guests visit me at The Factory?

Absolutely!  We have an open space called The Lounge where guests can order barista made coffee while they wait. We also have meeting rooms you can book for more private meetings.

What is the difference between Co-working Space, Dedicated Desk and Private Office Memberships?

·         A Co-working Space Membership can be a Day Pass, Week Pass, Occasional, Part-Time or Full-Time Membership. A Co-working Space Membership entitles you to an unassigned desk or workspace in the Engine Room. Phone calls must be made in phone booths and personal items must be taken home at the end of the day.

·         A Dedicated Desk Membership is a dedicated desk set up just how you like it and the benefit of leaving it how you like it when you’re not there. Dedicated Desk Memberships entitle you to 24/7 access. Phone booths are available for calls as well as free meeting room bookings.

·         A Private Office Membership is a fully enclosed space built for a team of 1-10 people (or more) and can be locked. Private office Memberships entitle you to full use of the co-working space and 24/7 access.